7 SoundCloud Alternatives to Discover and Share Great Music

We all know that SoundCloud is the widely used sound distribution website. Millions of people use it to upload their own music and stream music or tracks (I’m one of them). However, there are many other music streaming websites that can be good alternatives to SoundCloud. I have covered such music streaming websites in this list that I’m sure you will like.

Many of these SoundCloud alternatives let you post your own music (great for independent artists) and stream unlimited music without spending a penny. You can explore some unique features too.  Let’s begin with the first SoundCloud alternative mentioned in this list.

1. Mixcloud

Mixcloud is already host to a number of great radio shows, podcasts, and DJs. The service boasts mobile apps for on-the-go listening, and easy tools for musicians to upload tracks and share them with their audience. They offer more space than Soundcloud, pays royalties out to artists, and promises not to take down your music just because someone asked them to.

Mixcloud has a huge following with electronic music fans and DJs, so it’s a natural place to look if you’re interested in that, but the genres and artists run deeper. There’s plenty of jazz, funk, hip-hop, world music, and live recordings from music festivals available as well. Since Mixcloud is popular with radio DJs as well, you can expect to find lots of talk radio programming and news, too.

SoundCloud Alternatives Mixcloud


2. iTunes

Apple’s famous media management program can be used in place of SoundCloud, too.  In addition to letting you purchase and organize music, it also lets you listen to Internet radio for free.  You can even purchase and download movies and TV show episodes.  It’s not as heavily slanted towards independent music as SoundCloud is, but you might be able to find a few up-and-coming artists in the iTunes shop.  Though one thing’s for sure… you’re not going to find many songs that you can download for free.


3. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is one of the most-established Soundcloud alternatives, and is already hugely popular amongst young artists as a way to sell their music – as the site’s homepage tells us, fans have paid artists $142m (£98.5m) since it started, $4.3m (£3m) in the last month alone.

If you’re a music lover, you’ve probably already been to Bandcamp, mostly because the service makes it really easy for musicians to upload music, set their own price, fill out a profile, and either let their music go free to anyone who wants it, or make a little money from their own independent storefront.

SoundCloud Alternatives Bandcamp


4. Pandora

This website like SoundCloud uses a system called the “Music Genome Project”, a comprehensive analysis of what it is about certain songs that people like.  Pick a genre, band, or song, and Pandora will create a custom “radio station” (up to 100 of them) that will play songs that are musically similar.  You can further customize a station by telling Pandora which songs you like or dislike.  Pandora is free to use, but has an upgraded subscription service called Pandora One (which costs about $5 per month or $55 per year) that allows you to listen commercial-free and skip songs more often.  Due to copyright issues, Pandora is currently only available in the United States, New Zealand, and Australia.


5. Audioboo

Audioboo is a different beast altogether, institutions like the BBC, Sky Sports News and The Guardian all use the similar-to-SoundCloud wave form player to embed on their sites and apps. The BBC uses it to host snippets of radio shows, The Guardian uses it for podcasts and Sky Sports host short news reports. Probably not for your average SoundCloud user, but it’s filling a gap in the market for some people.

SoundCloud Alternatives Audioboo


6. Rdio

Rdio (free subscription) is another option or say a good alternative to SoundCloud. It lets you track and listen to new releases, find trending music, follow people, and get recommendations to explore more music. You can also add radio stations to favorites and playlist to play all the songs/albums available under those stations. Unfortunately, there is no scope for artists to upload their tracks, but it is good for users who want to stream music and add them to their playlist.

Apart from these features, users can also check ‘Listening History’ which includes the list of all stations played by you so far. If you find these features good enough, you can give a shot to this music streaming website.

SoundCloud Alternatives Rdio

7. YouTube

As a video-centered website, you probably wouldn’t think of YouTube as a hub for independent music.  Yet a considerable number of people use YouTube as an alternative to SoundCloud, dedicating a channel to uploading their own original music as videos, usually with just a static picture or two in the background.  You can listen to said music for free, but you can’t download it.  YouTube also has some of the same troubles that SoundCloud does in terms of heavy-handed copyright policies.

If you have used any of these SoundCloud competitors, or know any others that you think our users would like, let us know in the comments section or on our social media pages.


How to Download Music from Sites like SoundCloud

No matter which SoundCloud alternative you choose, in the end you may want to download some of these tracks to your computer, to enjoy them offline as well. So how can you do that? I strongly recommend you to use Streaming Audio Recorder. This tool allows you to record music from SoundCloud, Spotify, Pandora, etc. over 300 music sharing sites and unlimited radio station, at the best quality possible.

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