How to Airplay Apple Music to your Apple TV

While an Apple Music app won’t officially arrive on the Apple TV, there is still a way to listen to your favorite songs through the set top box. Apple Music supports AirPlay, which lets you stream the service from your iPhone or iPad — or from the iTunes app running on a Mac or Windows PC. To use this feature, make sure both the source device and Apple TV are connected to the same wireless network.

How to Airplay Apple Music through iPhone or iPad

Step 1. Make Sure your Apple TV is on.

Step 2. On the iPhone or iPad, swipe up to open the quick settings menu, click AirPlay, select the Apple TV and click “Done”.

Step 3. Open the Apple Music or any other streaming app and hit play. Your favorite songs will now play through the speakers on your TV.

Airplay Apple Music on iPhone

How to Airplay Apple Music through iTunes on Mac

Step 1. In iTunes, click on the volume button in the toolbar.

Step 2. Select the Single or Multiple tab depending on whether you want sound just from the AirPlay device(s) or also from your local machine.

Step 3. Click the checkboxes next to the source(s) you wish to play Apple Music out of.

Step 4. Adjust volume accordingly.

Airplay Apple Music on Mac

It’s also important to note that Apple TV isn’t the only AirPlay-enabled device. You can also use it to stream music to the Apple AirPort Express router and connect a pair of speakers or amplifier. Although you are able to enjoy Apple Music on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Music, etc. you still can’t get the full own ship of your music tracks. It means you will lose access to the music you downloaded through your Apple Music subscription due to the DRM protection once you cancel Apple Music subscription.

If you want to go cheap and keep the Apple Music playable forever on your devices, then the best tool that can help you is Apple Music Converter. It is an awesome and flexible software which can help you remove DRM protection from Apple Music and then convert the Apple Music to unprotected MP3, AAC, WAV or FLAC format at up to 16X times faster rate. With Apple Music Converter, you can listen to your Apple Music without any restrictions.

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