Amazon Challenges Spotify and Apple with Music Service

Amazon on Wednesday launched Amazon Music Unlimited, a music streaming service meant to compete with apps like Spotify and Apple Music.

Amazon Music Unlimited differs from Amazon’s previous music service, called Amazon Prime Music, in that it has a much larger library and is open to users who don’t subscribe to Amazon Prime. Whereas Prime Music offers 2 million songs, Amazon Music Unlimited offers “tens of millions,” putting it on par with Spotify and Apple Music’s selection.

Amazon’s Music Unlimited app will work on iPhone and Android devices, as well as Windows and Mac computers.

Amazon Music Unlimited, which will initially only be available in the US, is a head-to-head competitor with Spotify, charging the same $9.99 (£8.15) monthly fee as that service. But Amazon is attempting to beat the streaming service on price when it comes to certain target markets. Amazon Prime customers, for instance, can pick up their subscription for $7.99, a $2 a month saving on competitors.

Amazon Music Unlimited

Spotify and Apple Music have both settled into their niches in the streaming market. The former, the O.G., has managed to keep growing, despite the added competition, with its advanced algorithms and reliable discovery platforms. It now boasts 40 million paid subscribers, according to Forbes, way ahead of Apple Music’s 17 million. That service’s biggest distinguishing feature has been its huge exclusive albums, such as Frank Ocean’s Blonde and Endless, Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book and its Beats 1 radio premieres.

So, how Amazon will perform in this batter? As an Apple Music user, I won’t change the service easily.

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