How to Control Apple Music from Lock Screen

When you’re playing music from your iPhone, you’ll notice the Lock screen will provide information on the song playing as well as some added controls. It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to playlist, your music library, or streaming Beats radio — the Lock screen will look roughly the same. Here’s how to control Apple Music from Lock screen.

For this screen to appear in Lock screen, you must be currently playing music, although it can be paused. The items you’ll see from Lock screen when playing Apple Music are:


Play/Pause — play/pause music; will appear as play/stop when listening to Beats radio.

Skip & Go Back — skip song, go back a song. These controls cannot be used when listening to Beats radio.

‘Like’ —The littile heart-sape button means “Like”. Click it if you like the songs. You can easily find it in your “Like” playlist next time.

Share icon — Share Song or Album with friends or via FaceBook, Twitter, etc. Notice: you must enter passcode to perform this.

Music Volume — controls the volume level of your music (turn up or turn down)

Song Track Time — shows the time remaining of the song and how long it’s been playing. You can move to a place in the song by dragging the moving time bar.


Source: iPhonelife