Apple Music Playlists Gone? Fix It Quickly!

“I signed out of my apple id and when I tried to sign back in I had none of the songs I downloaded from apple music in my library.  How do get them back without searching for all of them again.” – From Apple Community

“I just updated my iPhone 6s software- now my entire Apple Music playlist and album that I purchased are gone. Please help!” – From iMore

Apple Music is AWESOME!

Love it!

My generation is swimming in bewilderment of music wonder. Thank you Apple and artists.

Sadly things don’t always, just work…

My Apple Music playlists disappeared from all my iDevices. After some frustration and failed attempts, I discovered that:

To make Apple Music Playlists re-appear:

  1. On the iDevice in Settings.
  1. Scroll down till you see Music
  1. Click on Music and scroll down till you see iCloud Music Library.
  1. Click ON

Enable iCloud Music Library

YAY! I have my music back!

When I click on Playlists in Apple Music I can again see all my playlists.

I hasten to add that all was working fine and then POOF! suddenly there was no Apple Music playlists.

So if that happens to you go and check the iCloud Music Library setting on your iDevice.

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I'm a music lover and my friends know that. I'm not a great musician or a singer but I look for all ways to enjoy music. Apple Music and Spotify are my favorite.