Is Apple Music Available in Your Country

Since launched on June 30, 2015, Apple Music is expected to be the largest competitor with other already popular music streaming services, such as Spotify, Google Play Music, etc. Have you subscribed Apple Music yet? Are you wondering if you can get it in your country or not? Don’t worry, you can check the table below or the list of countries where Apple Music is available offered by Apple Inc. and find out whether you can subscribe Apple Music now.

Apple Music Available Countries:

Anguilla Gambia Nigeria Antigua & Barbuda
Germany Norway Argentina Ghana
Oman Armenia Greece Panama
Australia Grenada Papua New Guinea Austria
Guatemala Paraguay Azerbaijan Guinea-Bissau
Peru Bahamas Honduras Philippines
Bahrain Hong Kong (China) Poland Barbados
Hungary Portugal Belarus India
Qatar Belgium Indonesia Romania
Russia Belize Ireland St. Kitts &   Nevis
Bermuda Israel Saudi Arabia Bolivia
Italy Singapore Botswana Japan
Slovakia Brazil Jordan Slovenia
British Virgin Islands Kazakhstan South Africa Bulgaria
Kenya South Korea Burkina-Faso Kyrgyzstan
Spain Canada Laos Sri Lanka
Cape Verde Latvia Swaziland Cayman Islands
Lebanon Sweden Chile Lithuania
Switzerland Luxembourg Taiwan (China) China
Macau Tajikistan Colombia Malaysia
Thailand Malta, Republic of Costa Rica Trinidad & Tobago
Cyprus Mauritius Turkey Mexico
Czech Republic Denmark Turkmenistan Micronesia, Federated States of
Uganda Dominica Moldova Ukraine
Dominican Republic Mongolia United Arab Emirates Ecuador
Mozambique United Kingdom Egypt Namibia
El Salvador Nepal United States Estonia
Netherlands Uzbekistan Fiji New Zealand
Venezuela Finland Nicaragua Vietnam
France Niger Zimbabwe

When you go through the list, make sure you don’t get too excited just at seeing your country’s name. Apple has provided this page to show where some combination of Apple Music, Apple Music Radio, and iTunes Match are available. Not all services are currently available to all countries.

Furthermore, Apple Music allows you to download your favorite music for enjoying offline. But it doesn’t mean that you owned the music due to the DRM protection. You cannot play the downloaded Apple Music to other devices without authorization of Apple ID at will and you will lose all your music files after canceling subscription. If you want to keep the Apple Music files forever, you can get help from a third party software called Apple Music Converter which can help you remove the DRM from Apple Music, iTunes M4P music and Audible audiobooks, etc. With it, you are able to get access to all the DRM-ed files and enjoy them anytime as you want.

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Source: appadvice