Apple Music Web Player? Look No Further

  • “I have a trial subscription to Apple Music and would like to listen to it on my web browser on my Windows PC, but I don’t see a way to log in to my account. “
  • “How can I listen to Apple music through a browser without iTunes?”

Many people are searching for an Apple Music Web Player to listen to Apple Music songs via browser without iTunes.

The bad news is that you’ll have to install iTunes to use Apple Music on a computer. There’s no browser interface. That may or may not be an issue for you. I jump from computer to computer pretty often and having to install a software package to stream music on each one is a pain. I also have a long-seated dislike of iTunes based on my belief that it is a bloated pig, but in all honesty that opinion may be outdated. Once I jumped through all the hoops to get signed up (I think I had to enter my password six different times) iTunes seemed to run fine without bogging anything down. Still, an alternate web interface would be welcome.

Apple Music Web Player

The good news is that you can use Apple Music Converter to remove DRM from Apple Music and convert the M4P songs to common MP3, so you can play Apple Music without iTunes. In this way, you can also copy Apple Music to USB drive and bring it to anywhere.

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Alternatively, other services like Rdio, Spotify, and Pandora offer web players – you could find yourself avoiding iTunes for weeks at a time.

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