Apple’s AirPods Survive Tough Workouts with no Sweat

When Apple announced the totally wireless AirPods, many people had this questions on their mind: Will those things slip out from our ears easily? Some people also wondered: Will those things survive a run? One of them did buy a pair of the AirPods and had a test. Now let’s see the performance of this new blue-tooth product – AirPods.


The good news is: These things don’t budge. The tester ran on a treadmill at 6mph to see if the impact would dislodge them, but to no avail. She even hit the elliptical to keep the sweat momentum going. The AirPods still stayed perfectly in her ears。


Then she headed out into the elements for usual 3+ mile morning run through Brooklyn on a mix of sidewalks and park trails. There’s wind to watch out for, New Yorkers to dodge, and hills to jog up and then back down. The AirPods are so lightweight she barely felt them as she was running, but they didn’t move an inch. In fact, the only time an AirPod has fallen out of her ear is when she knocked it out with her own hand.


However, like the EarPods, the AirPods are not marketed as water-resistant, so sweat could eventually cause some problems. If you’re concerned about water damage, you should find a pair of sweat-proof Bluetooth earbuds to exercise in.

AirPods Survive Workout

Anyway, AirPods definitely make it easier to enjoy Apple Music. Speaking of Apple Music, if you are any problem to play Apple Music on iPod Shuffle / play Apple Music on iPod Nano / play Apple Music on iPod Classic, you should have a try for Apple Music Converter.

Source: MacWorld

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