The 6 Best Audiobooks You Can Listen to for Free on YouTube

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Audio Books are the perfect time-passers. Following you where your physical books cannot, audio books are perfect for being transported to another world while you’re transporting yourself to another state (not to mention on the treadmill or cleaning the house!).

Outlets for the medium such as are stuffed down our throats with their popular advertising campaigns on basically every podcast under the sun.

These services come stuffed with subscription fees and credit card information and sometimes, are not worth the hassle. Especially so, once you become aware of all the ways to listen to audiobooks of popular and classic pieces for free on YouTube. So, start folding that laundry and press play on one of this list – The Best Audio Books You Can Listen to For Free on YouTube.

1. The Island of Doctor Moreau by HG Wells

HG Wells The Island of Doctor Moreau may be most famously remembered for its poor film adaptation starring a past-his-prime Marlon Brando as the titular doctor. However, its original form serves as a Sci-Fi classic. It is especially fun in audio book form because the story is told through the journal entries of the novel’s protagonist – Edward Prendick – as he encounters the horrifying creations of Doctor Moreau after being shipwrecked onto his island.

2. 1984 by George Orwell

Whether you are in high school and don’t want to have all your time eaten up trudging through this classic or you’re a nostalgic adult wanting to relive one of the great novels of our time – this one is gonna come in handy. George Orwell’s allegorical analysis of the dystopian future overrun by Big Brother plays like a fever dream over this audio book.

3. The Graveyard Book by Neil Geiman

In this critically acclaimed children’s fantasy novel by super-writer Neil Geiman, a boy is adopted by supernatural, graveyard owning foster parents after his birth parents are brutally murdered. While the premise is grim, it is not short on charm. This is extra cool, because Neil Geiman performs this reading of what Kirkus Review called a book that should be read “by anyone who is or has ever been a child.”

4. The Veldt by Ray Bradbury (read by Stephen Colbert)

In 2010, NPR held a “Selected Short” series. Among them, was the Bradbury deep cut The Veldt. In this awesome reading by the incoming Late Show host Stephen Colbert, Bradbury’s tale about a futuristic model home’s resurrection of relevance comes to light.

5. The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde (Read by Stephen Frye)

Read by Wilde expert, the fantastic Stephen Frye, this charming short story (written for children, enjoyed by all) comes to life with pop and prose thanks to Frye. An inspiration of radio dramas, songs, and plays – the opportunity to listen to this one is undeniable.

6. The Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

In this collection, you’ll be able to go through each and every Sherlock Holmes mystery that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ever penned in one video. It’s duration can last you nearly half a day – helping time become amoebic as you sleuth through the alleys of foggy London with Holmes and Watson.


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