How to Find and Get Cheap Movies on iTunes

Cheap iTunes Movies

Everyone loves a good discount, especially if they’re buying digital content. iTunes sometimes has some very good deals on music, apps, and movies. But how to find the best deals?

CheapCharts is an app that tracks sales for you so that you’re notified the moment your favorite album or TV show goes on sale. Even if you don’t have anything particular in mind, CheapCharts makes it easy to track the discounts on offer on iTunes.

Finding The Best Deals
CheapCharts makes it easy to find the digital media you need. It neatly categorizes content by type – music, films, TV shows, books and audiobooks. You can access these by tapping the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) on the top-left. It only shows one category of deals at a time, so you won’t see deals for books mixed up with music. This makes it easy to sift through deals. Categories aside, you can use the search bar on each page to find content.

CheapCharts has a nice option in the sidebar that lets you see all content on sale. When you tap that option, the app orders items by the amount you’re saving. Thus the best deals show up right at the top and a couple of taps take you straight to iTunes Store where you can complete the purchase.

Setting Up Notifications
Tap any of the songs, albums or other digital content in the app and you can set a price alert, which will send you a notification when that item gets a price cut. Too many notifications can get really annoying. Thankfully CheapCharts lets you customize alerts so that you don’t get notified about deals you’d rather not see. You can disable alerts for entire categories such as music or books or even for sub-categories such as singles or albums.

If you’re buying digital media from iTunes Store, CheapCharts is a great app to have on your iOS device. You can also directly go to iTunes to find many wonderful HD movies under $10.  If you want to remove DRM from iTunes movies, iTunes M4V Converter can help you.


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Source: NDTV

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