Convert WMA to MP3 with iTunes

MP3 is very popular music format. If you have a bunch of wma files that you want to play on your MP3 players. You can follow the steps bellow to convert the WMA to MP3 files with iTunes easily. Best of all it is totally free. In this guide, we assume you are on a Windows PC and we use iTunes 12 for Windows. If you are on Mac or you use a different version of iTunes, the steps are almost the same but might differ in appearance.

Convert WMA to MP3 with iTunes

1. Run iTunes on your PC. You can download it for free from Apple website if not yet.

2. Change target profile from AAC to MP3

By default, iTunes is set to convert WMA files to AAC format during the import process. If you do not change this default audio option, other than MP3 files, you will get AAC (.m4a) files. You can find more details about how to convert WMV to AAC iTunes music here.

Click Edit from the top menu, then select Preference from the drop-down menu. Once the iTunes Preferences dialogue pops up, click Import Settings… from the General tab. You will get another pop-up window with the Import Using as the first option. AAC Encoder is set as the default, you can click to expand the menu and choose MP3 Encoder from there. See bellow screen shot.

iTunes Import Settings

3. Go to drag the WMA files into your library in iTunes for Windows now. Or you can click File >> Add File to Library…, iTunes will give you a incompatibility prompt.

4. Simply click Convert button to confirm and convert WMA to MP3 with iTunes.


Source: Softwarert