Deezer vs Spotify: Which one to Choose?

There are tens of thousands of music services that are working online to get the best for the user. When you need to subscribe a proper streaming music services, it is hard to choose the right one from Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer and others. So we have spent some time to compare the Spotify and Deezer, so that you can make decision once you go through the content.

Deezer vs Spotify

The basic service of both Deezer as well as Spotify is free of charge. The premium charges vary, as for Spotify they are $9.99 per month whereas for Deezer they are $7.99 per month. The bit rate or the sound quality is same for both the types mentioned. Both services offer ad free 320 kbps if the premium subscription is used. The free service uses 128 kbps to lure in the user. The other features that are included by Spotify are the social media interaction and sharing which are also the ones which Deezer offer in the same manner. So the crux of the point is that Deezer is $2 cheaper than its counterpart under discussion.

Spotify: 320kbps OGG
Deezer: 320kbps MP3, 1411kbps FLAC

Another important point for streaming service is sound quality. Deezer and Spotify both offer 320 kbps streaming options, which is the same quality as most MP3 downloads. And Deezer recently launched new premium service for £14.99 offering CD-quality streaming, which might sound like a pricy option. But for the most exacting of audiophiles using the most expensive of headphone or speaker setup, Deezer’s CD-quality will be a good choice.


Deezer Spotify
OS Differences All platforms supported Not support blackberry and windows phone
Number of Songs 35 Million 30 Million
Premium Subscription Ad free Ads integrated
Search Criteria Artist, genre, song only Artist, genre, songs, activity, decade and mood
Third Party Syncing All integrations supported except text message and email All integrations supported except iOS Airdrop
Support devices Smart phone, TV, computer and car sound system AV receiver, Car sound system, Computer, Theater system, Smart phone, Streaming Media Players, Table top radio, TV and Certain TV providers.
Mobile Features Ad free music, like/dislike songs, rewind & fast forward, sync local files and unlimited skips No special services offered in this regard
Third Party Intergrations Include Facebook, Twitter and Airdrop Do not include Airdrop, Facebook and Twitter.


For most people, that will probably be Spotify due to its immense popularity, but Deezer is thoroughly deserving of your consideration too – with Deezer in particular ticking the most boxes out of any of the services. By the way, if you subscribed the Deezer or Spotify, you may get annoyed with the music downloading. You can try to use Streaming Audio Recorder to help you capture music on your own computer for free offline listening.
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