What You Should Know about Dezzer Bitrate

Basic Knowledge about Bitrate

In general, bitrate means a certain amount of bits or data processed over a certain amount of time.

In digital multimedia, bit rate often refers to the number of bits used per unit of playback time to represent audio or video after data compression. For instance, the music you buy on Deezer is 320 kilobits per second, meaning there are 320 kilobits of data stored in every second of a song.

There are some measure words for bitrate, such as bits per second (bps), kilobits per second (kbps) or megabits per second (mbps).


What Bitrate Does Deezer offer?

Bit rate: 1,411Kbit/s FLAC (Sonos only) / 320Kbit/s / 128Kbit/s

  • Free account: limited to lower-quality streams at 128Kbit/
  • Premium+ account: access to 320Kbit/s
  • Deezer Elite: access to 1,411Kbit/s streams in FLAC format


Does Bitrate Affects Audio Quality?

In general, the higher the bit rate, the better the quality of your audio or video file. For example, the sound of an MP3 file with a bit rate of 192 kbps will be much better and clearer as of a file that only uses 32 kbps. That would be one of the reason why want to pay for a Premium+ account or Deezer Elite.

The image quality of a video is also dependent of the bit rate. You should know that more data is transmitted during playback when a higher bit rate was chosen. With a slower bit rate, naturally, less data is transferred. Thus, sound and image quality are reduced.



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