Fix: Apple Music won’t download songs

Q: Apple music won’t download songs to My Music?
I’ll search an artist or song, and when I tap on the “+” symbol, it tells me that it’s downloaded to My Music. Except it hasn’t. And it wont. Normally after pressing the + symbol, the download to Icloud symbol appears. Since yesterday though, it won’t appear and nothing will download to My Music. Is there any fix to this?

Download Apple Music Songs

If you have met the same question, maybe you can find a solution here. Actually, Apple Music won’t download songs is a minor bug in Apple Music. To solve this problem, you can try the solutions below before Apple fix this bug.

Solution 1: Restart your Music app or iPhone.
Solution 2: Purchased songs/albums won’t download in Apple Music (it starts spinning then stops) but if you go to the iTunes Store app on my phone > dots > Purchases > Music and click download from there, they will download.
Solution 3: This problem occurs if you lost your internet connection while downloading songs, follow these steps to restart downloading

  • make sure you cancel all downloads in process “all spinning circles” ( go to downloaded music then downloading and cancel anything there)
  • reset network settings (go to settings -> general -> reset-> reset network settings-> and enter you passcode)
  • connect to your wifi network
  • go to music and start downloading

If you still can’t solve your problem, you can contact Apple for support. Or you can get help from Apple Music Converter. Apple Music Converter can help you convert Apple Music songs to MP3/ AC3/M4A/FLAC and save them as new DRM-free files. (Even the songs are not downloaded). By doing so, you can listen to the Apple Music tracks at anytime and anywhere.

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Hope you can solve this issues quickly! Thanks for reading.