Fix iTunes Crashes – “iTunes Has Stopped Working”

Several users have reported an issue in which iTunes is crashing when used in Microsoft Windows computers. You can find it is able to launch iTunes successfully but it will always occurs some problems. And you will receive the following error message: iTunes Has Stopped Working. What to do if your iTunes keeps crashing? To help you solve this problem, you can read the solution below to see how to fix this problem.

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How to Fix iTunes Has Stopped Working Trouble

iTunes Stop Working

Before getting into resolving the issue, make sure everything on your computer is up to date. A very backdated operating system or software already adds up a lot of trouble to everyone’s lives. If your computer has the necessary hardware configuration all set up for an OS upgrade, make sure you are running the latest available OS. Also, the iTunes should be the latest version from the Apple websites. In a perfect world, we would go for a Windows machine with an OS above the Windows Vista and iTunes 64 bit or 32 bit.

And then, do the following steps:

1. You will have to go through some reserved Windows files and Administrator access is necessary. If you are using an enterprise computer, you might need to ask the system admin to provide you the Administrator access.

2. Using the Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Apple\AppleApplicationSupport. A file named QTMovieWin.dll should be inside this folder. Use the Search option on top right corner if you can’t locate the file. Once you see the file, copy and paste it to C:\Program Files(x86)\iTunes. However, this approach is only for a 64-bit PC. On 32-bit computers, you may have to use the C:\Program Files\iTunes folder.

3. Repairing the Bonjour service may also bring you luck in reviving iTunes in your computer. Repair Bonjour using the Windows Add or Remove Programs program. Go to Control Panel and switch to Classic View, then open Add or Remove Programs. Look for Bonjour in the list and click on Repair. Wait a while till the operating finishes.

4. You could try resetting the cache by navigating to Preference from the iTunes Edit menu. Then open Advanced and click on Reset Cache. Reboot iTunes, you will have to sign up with your Apple account again.

5. If none of these work, completely remove iTunes using Add or Remove Programs and then reinstall the whole program again from the scratch.

6. Before reinstallation, delete iAdCore.dll inside the leftover Apple folder. You may look for this file using the Search feature in Windows. Also, make sure you have gotten rid of Apple plugins and all associate programs.


If these don’t seem to work, then apparently your OS has been corrupted with malicious programs. The best course of action would be having a clean install of your operating system.

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