Top 10 Sites to Download Free Music Ringtones for Android

If you’ve ever scoured the Internet looking for free ringtones for your Android phone, then you’ll already have discovered that it’s not easy to find truly free ones. The problem is, a lot of websites on the net can lead you to believe what they are offering is really free with no strings attached. That is until you try and download some. You may have found some sites re-direct you to unrelated websites full of advertisements. Others may ask you to pay a subscription or charge a fee in some way. So how to find the real free website to download free ringtones for your Android? Here we focuses on the top 10 free sites that offer content which is free and legal to download ringtone for Android.

1. Zedge
Zedge has a large community of users that create and upload content suitable for a wide range of cell phones. As well as an impressive library containing: themes, wallpapers, videos, games, and txts, there’s also a good selection of free ringtones covering various topics. They have ringtones for android devices that are readily available for downloads in MP3 file format.


Music ringtones of all genres are here! Tonetweet offers free ringtone for mobile phones including android devices. You can choose from different categories and genres such as alternative, Christmas, country, hip-hop, and the likes. It also has a very convenient search menu that makes the hunt for your desired ringtone easier!


Another online file sharing and downloading site for cell phone files is From games, to wallpapers, name it and mobile9 has it! You can download mobile ringtones for your android device and based on the compatibility of your handset.


Also included on the list is that has more than 136,000 ringtones to offer. Yes, that huge number of choices makes this website a good site to look for a good music alarm tone. And these hundreds of thousands of mobile device alarm tunes are all free for download!


Sharing, discovering, and downloading. These are the best features of one of the most popular ringtone downloading sites in the internet, This site offers totally free MP3 format ringtone files. Also, it has a file sharing feature that adds to the choices of ringtones that you can download from the Another exciting feature is that the website offers make your own ringtone application aside from the numerous ringtones they have on their website.


Looking for fresh and viral hits as your device’s ringing alarm? This site is for you. Go to and download the newest hits as your android device’s ringtone! They are also listing the top 100 latest ringtones that you can download for free. The website also categorizes ringtones from various genres such as RnB, rock, dance, hip-hop, 80s hits, and more.


7. highlights their collection of ringtones ranging from over 120,000 files of ringtones alone! This website also has ringtones from various categories from the latest music up to the older tunes. Plus, you can upload your own ringtone, if you have, and share it to other users.


Mytinyphone offers a wide-range variety of ringtones for your android handsets. This online ringtone downloading site offers incredibly numerous amounts of ringtones–roughly about 65, 000. These ringtones are absolutely for free downloading. Also, they have categories for each ringtones they have on their website.

My Tiny Phone

Name it, they got it! offers a wide variety of cell phone ringtones. They have the latest music that is readily available to be your ringtone. Also, they offer different kinds of ringtones fit as your notification alert tone, standard ringtones, messaging tones, wake-up alarm clock tones, sound effects, animal sounds, and funny tunes.


One of the most visited and most trusted ringtone downloading sites in the web is Many users have been sending positive reviews and feedback about this website. It has a gigantic amount of free ringtones readily available for downloads amounting to over five million files. The website also offers a very easy set of steps to be done to download the ringtone you want.


Apart from getting free ringtones from various online downloading sites, you are able to make your own music with favorite songs via by yourself. To create ringtone by yourself, I will highly recommend Streaming Audio Recorder which can help you trim, convert and even record music online. With the build-in audio editor, you are able to trim any part of your songs to proper length so that you can get the perfect ringtone for your phone. After finished the creation, you can convert any audio files to the MP3 as the Android ringtone format with this powerful software.

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