Take a Tech Tips: How Long Does an iTunes Rental Last

How Long Does an iTunes Rental Last

iTunes Movie Rental is a very good service and it works smoothly. All you have to do is visit the iTunes Store and find the movie that you want, then pay and download it.

But there are many restrictions and inconvenience in the iTunes movie rentals. Here are the rules you would like to know about renting movies from iTunes Store, for example, how long does an iTunes rental last. Learn all about them here.

What Are the Requirements for Using iTunes Movie Rentals?

In order to rent movies from the iTunes Store, you’ll need the following:

  • The latest version of iTunes (to rent on a computer)
  • The latest version of the iOS (to rent on an iOS device)
  • The latest version of tvOS (to rent on Apple TV)
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • An Apple ID with a valid credit or debit card in it.

What Devices Can I Watch Rented Movies On?

To watch your rented movies from iTunes, you’ll need:

  • iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad running iOS 3.1.3 or higher
  • Apple TV
  • Mac or PC
  • iPod Classic
  • iPod nano (3rd-5th generations)

What Do Movies Rented from iTunes Cost?

There are a number of factors that determine what a rental costs, including how new the movie is, whether the movie has hit theaters or not, whether it’s a special promotion, and if it’s high definition or standard definition.

  • The latest movies: usually US$5.99-$6.99
  • Regular movies: $3.99-$4.99
  • Special promotions: $0.99
  • Movies currently in theaters/digital release only: $6.99-$9.99
  • Standard definition: $2.99

The exact prices are determined based on Apple’s agreements with movie studios and its own choices about pricing.

How Long You Have to Watch A Rented Moive?

You have 30 days to start watching a movie after you rent it. After you start watching the movie, you have 24 hours (in the US) or 48 hours (elsewhere) to finish it. You can watch the movie as often as you like until it expires.

If you don’t start watching a movie within 30 days, you must rent it again.

Movies you rent disappear from your iTunes library when the rental period ends.

How to Extend the Life of Your iTunes Movies Rentals

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