How to Fix: iTunes Songs Greyed Out

When you open your iTunes and find that some of the songs are greyed out and cannot be played, it can be very frustrating. Several users have experienced this with iTunes 12. Majority of the times, these issues can be fixed easily except when you have unsupported formats or DRM protected tracks. Let’s explore a few option to help you resolve the problem of your iTunes songs greyed out.

Step 1.  Check the Audio Format of the problem track

If you are unable to play certain tracks, it may be that they are unsupported formats or DRM protected tracks. In order to check this issue, navigate to iTunes and select the track you are unable to play. Right Click and choose “Get Info”. Under the File tab, look for “Kind”. If your song is of an unsupported type or DRM protected, you will see “Protected” next to “Kind.”

When you encounter this issue of DRM protected tracks, there are a few options for you to consider. The first is to explore if you want to upgrade your iTunes account to subscription based iTunes Match service. Or you can use Apple Music Converter to remove DRM from your purchased songs.

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Step 2. Check the iTunes Setting

There is this setting in itunes that seems to somehow get switched on and can cause your songs to grayed out. Right Click on the particular song that you are having problem with in iTunes. At the bottom of the menu, you will find a setting that says check /uncheck selection. Try toggling this selection and you should be able to play the song and add it your playlists etc. This is a small setting that is not very prominent. We have added a screenshot below to show you how to access this setting for the track.


Step 3 Re-download the Song

One easy approach to playing the grayed out songs is to check if the particular track in question was purchased by you in iTunes. If you had purchased the song before, then proceed to delete the song and redownload it from the purchased section in iTunes. This is known to have fixed many issues related to iTunes songs grayed out. Click on iTunes Store on the top right. Next click on your account and from the drop down you will find the purchased option. you can re install the song from here and test it see if it pays properly.


Step 4.  Reauthorize

If the steps above did not resolve your problem, you can try this option before calling Apple support. Sometimes iTunes may “forget” that your music is authorized. You can refresh the authorization by de-authorizing and then reauthorizing your computer. In order to de-authorize your computer in iTunes, Click on the Store Menu option on the top of iTunes. you will find both these options here. proceed to de-authorize your computer, then sign out of iTunes from your account.  Restart your computer, Log in to your iTunes account and re-authorize your computer back in iTunes. This can resolve many issues associated with iTunes problems.

Reauthorize iTunes


Step 5. Having the issue on my iPhone or iPad

If you are facing the issue on your iPhone and iPad, you can follow the same step as above which is to try deleting the song and re-installing it. In order to accomplish this on your iPhone, Tap on Settings > General > Storage & iCloud usage. Next, under storage choose “Manage Storage”. Select Music and tap “edit.” Next, Tap the symbol on the left for all songs and choose Delete. This will delete all your songs from your iPhone. If it works properly, you should see that your storage is freed up quite a bit on your phone depending on how many songs you have on the device. Next Sync your iPhone to your iTunes and this will re-install all the songs and the problem should be hopefully being resolved.

We are hoping that this article was helpful in solving the issue associated with your songs being grayed out in iTunes. If you found a better and an easier way to resolve this issue, please feel free to share it in our comments below.

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