[Solved] I Rented a Movie On iTunes and It Won’t Play

iTunes provides a wide variety of video content in the form of movie rentals and purchases. There are a few ways in which users engage with the video content from iTunes. You can download it from the itunes store onto your computer or iPad and then either watch it there or stream it to your TV. People that have Apple TV can easily stream the content from iTunes video to their TV’s.

iTunes Movies

Users have experienced two major issues when it comes to using the iTunes Store movie rentals. The first of these issues is related to slow download of the content or the content stops downloading mid-way and the second set of issues pertain to the playback aspects of the content once you have actually successfully downloaded it. You hit the play button on the downloaded content and it stops at 0:00 with a black screen. No Sound and no picture.

Latest Version of iTunes

The first step to make sure is that you have the latest version of iTunes on your computer or idevice. A large number of iTunes problems are associated with running the older version of the software on your machine. Please check Apple’s site for the latest iTunes version and make sure to read the system requirements.

If you are having problems with downloading the video content from the store, you may want to check your Wi-Fi settings. If your Wi-Fi signal is weak, you may want to download the content by using an Ethernet cable. The other option is to make sure that your internet service providers signal strength is strong, otherwise you can override your DNS settings and use a faster speed service such as Google’s public DNS servers. Please check the article to solve any Wi-Fi issues that you may be experiencing which hinders your ability to download the content.

If you have successfully downloaded the content and are experiencing playback issues with the content, here are few steps that might help you with the problem. Please try each of the steps to find the one that works for you.

Step 1. Deauthorize Account from the iTunes store. Open your iTunes account on your computer. Click on Store on the top menu and choose Deauthorize this computer.

Deauthorize iTunes on Computer

Step 2. Quit iTunes and Restart your Computer

Step 3. Open your iTunes again and Reauthorize the computer by clicking on Store on the Menu followed by Authorize this Computer

Step 4. Check for Downloads by clicking on “Check for Available Downloads” from the Store Menu

Step 5. Download the movie and then Play it.

Several users have also suggested alternative workarounds. The first of these is to try setting your computer’s clock to a day in advance. Once you have set the clock to Day + 1, try playing the video. The second alternative is to open the video using your Miniplayer. On your computer, there are two menu commands that bring up the MiniPlayer. In the Windows menu, you can choose MiniPlayer, to display the MiniPlayer above the iTunes window, or Switch to MiniPlayer, which closes the full iTunes window and displays the MiniPlayer. Once the Miniplayer appears, you can click on the play button and expand to full screen to play the rented movie.

We hope one of these steps work for you if and when you have issues playing the movie rentals from iTunes. Please let us know what worked for you and feel free to share the article.


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