New Discussion about iPhone 8

Rumors are everywhere before the release of iPhone 7. There is no difference for iPhone 8. Moreover, 2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, which means we got a lot more to expect how Apple celebrate the occasion. We’re more than a year away from the launch of the iPhone 8, but there are already an abundance of rumors about the new 2017 iPhone.


There was plenty of discussion about how “disappointing” the iPhone 7 was, like how it lacked any new features to be excited about. Rumors said that it would be very likely that next year’s iPhone 8 release is going to embrace a full re-design with some ground-breaking new features for mark the tenth anniversary of the release of the original iPhone. For example, the new iPhone might come with touch ID fingerprint sensor and the front-facing camera. Moreover, Touch ID and the camera may be built directly into the display, meaning there will be no Home button. Jony Ive has wanted to introduce an iPhone that looks like a single sheet of glass for several years, and 2017 may be the year that make the dream come true.


One of the most prolific rumors surrounding the iPhone 8 is the switch from the LCD display to the more energy-efficient and higher quality OLED, which allows Apple to introduce a thinner device that consumes less power and offers a better display with higher contrast ratio and more true to life colors. It is also possible that Apple will make it a curved screen like the Samsung Galaxy Edge. The Touch ID sensor and FaceTime camera are rumored to be embedded under the OLED display.


iPhone 8 is expected to be available in 3 Sizes, made of glass, and feature wireless charging. Apple will release three sizes of the iPhone 8, adding a 5-inch model to the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models already in the lineup. Rumors also suggest that Apple is finally going to move away from the aluminum used in the iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, and SE, instead re-adopting a glass body that’s similar to the body that was used in the iPhone 4. At least one iPhone model coming in 2017 will use a glass body, according to Apple supplier Catcher Technology, and according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the glass will be built around an aluminum or stainless steel frame.


It’s still too early to tell what design, features and specs the iPhone 8 will sport at this point. We are just can’t stop wondering and discussing. We’ll give you more details as soon as some new information hit the scene. Let’s look forward and wait patiently for the iPhone 8.


Source: iDrop News