iTunes 12.6 Boasts ‘Rent Once, Watch Anywhere’ Feature

Apple on Tuesday morning announced the availability of iTunes 12.6, the latest and greatest update to the tech-giant’s digital music and iOS device management application for Mac and PC.

iTunes 12.6

iTunes 12.6 packs a noteworthy and much-anticipated new feature — cleverly dubbed “rent once, watch anywhere” — which will allow customers to rent a movie on one of their iTunes-capable devices, and continue watching it on another. Prior to the iTunes 12.6 update, for comparison, if users were to rent a movie from iTunes, say, on their iPad, they would have only been able to watch the film, from start to finish, on their iPad.

Because of this reason, there are a lot media converters have been developed, like iTunes M4V Converter and DRM Media Converter. Through these programs, people can convert protected iTunes M4V movies, TV shows, music videos, etc.  to plain MP4, MOV and other formats that allows you to enjoy  with any devices.


However, thanks to Apple’s latest iTunes update, customers can now rent a movie on their iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Mac or PC, for example, and the rental will automatically sync across their entire range of devices for as long as it remains active — allowing users to pick up right where they left off on one device, on another. By the way, if you want to transfer movies to non-Apple devices, you also need a video or music converter.

The “rent once, watch anywhere” feature will still be subject to Apple’s existing iTunes movie rental terms of service, however, including the semi-strict time limits allotted for each film. On the contrary, though, the feature is still a highly anticipated addition to the iTunes movie rental experience, and it’s certain to be well received by movie lovers who prefer to rent and enjoy them in the environment of their preference.

In addition to the exciting new movie rental feature, iTunes 12.6 also boasts a slew of performance and stability enhancements — as is constituent of any new software update from Apple.

While iTunes 12.6 is currently available to download online for Mac, and via the Windows software update utility for PC, it appears that the new “rent once, watch anywhere” feature will only be available once iOS 10.3 and tvOS 10.2 are released to the public. Given that iOS 10.3 is currently in its 7th beta release, it shouldn’t be too much longer until movie rentals can be experienced via iTunes on a whole new level.