iTunes Match vs Spotify

iTunes Match

  • iTunes Match will give you a chance to stream up to 25,000 tunes from your iTunes Music library to your gadgets joined with your Apple ID. On the off chance that you obtained any of these tracks from Apple’s iTunes Store, they won’t be utilized toward your 25,000 utmost, nor do they should be transferred in light of the fact that Apple has the track on its servers effectively; just tunes Apple transfers from your iTunes Library check. i.e.: Owning Taylor Swift’s 1989 will give you a chance to get to it from any gadget it with no transferring independently; your demo recordings should be transferred to Apple’s servers first before you can play them.
  • Match will only stream your own music, and not the entire iTunes Store for free.
  • Some people complained that playing a song takes around 2-5 seconds to load in most cases, or it would often skip a song at random moments. Worse still, if it plays a playlist, you won’t really notice the loading times as it would begin loading the next song when the current song is almost finished playing.
  • iTunes Match has a better use as an online backup solution, to download your music to other devices.
  • At close to $30 the service seems to lack what other services like Spotify are now offering for free.
  • The sound nature of Apple Music is right now restricted to 256kbps.




  • Spotify additionally has more than 30 million tunes accessible, in spite of the fact that a discernible exclusion is Taylor Swift, who Apple able to win over when it amended its approach and guaranteed to pay the greater part of its specialists royalties amid the three month free trial.
  • It is easy to find not only great mixes but entire albums that I can play for free in Spotify.
  • There’s as of now a Spotify application for Windows, Mac, iOS, Windows Phone and Android
  • Although it has the commercials but it does’t bother me much and last only a brief time. They’re nothing like the commercials played on conventional radio that last for several minutes.
  • Spotify’s tracks are MP3, and 256Kbps AAC is frequently considered.