Pandora vs Slacker Radio – Which One is Better?

As times change, so does how we listen to music, especially portable music. From cassettes we went to CDs, then to mp3 players. Now with smartphones becoming more mainstream for the casual user, streaming internet radio is becoming more popular. Right now, two of the most popular services are probably Slacker Radio and Pandora. In this post, we will compare both services and help you choose the better one.

Specs Comparison between Slacker Radio and Pandora

Pandora Slacker   Radio
Platform Web, Android, iOS, Windows Phone Web, iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Free option Yes,   with ads Yes,   with ads
Premium offering $4.99 for no ads and more skips $4 per month for Plus, $10 per month for   Premium
Offline listening? Yes,   with Plus Yes,   with Premium
Paid Plan Audio Quality 192kbs 320kbs
Music Library 1   million 10   million
Channels 100(per user) 200+


What this does is allow you to listen to the artist you like and discover an artist that you might have never heard of but creates similar music. The free version of Pandora is limited to 6 skips per hour and has ads and commercials throughout your listening experience. Upgrading to Pandora One, the subscription service, enables fewer interruptions and removes ads as well as other perks like more daily skips.

Pandora, which is pegged as a music discovery app, takes a simplistic approach to music-streaming. Pandora attempts to create an intimate music experience for you, based on the songs and artists that you love. Search for Lecrae or maybe Justin Timberlake, and Pandora’s algorithm engine built off the Music Genome Project creates a playlist loaded with comparable artists from a library of nearly a million songs.


Slacker Radio:
Slacker is a Discovery and On Demand service which, for the most part, is relatively unknown compared to other heavyweights in the streaming music category like Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio. Although Slacker seeks to change that by giving you everything, including the kitchen sink.

Slacker is a hands-on music experience for those seeking more control. The free version of Slacker is quite limited compared to what you can unlock with the paid versions. The free version of Slacker allows you to search for your favorite artist, but only allows you to play similar titles, not the actual artist. Also in the free version you are limited to 6 skips per hour. Much like what Pandora offers.

You do have the ability to listen to curated playlist from genres, moods, seasons, etc. Although Slacker Plus and Premium boasts a music library of over 2.5 million songs and gives you control over creating a playlist, and saving songs offline to listen to when there is no available internet connection. One more amazing feature is the ability to listen to entire albums and searching for song titles.

Slacker Radio

Pros and Cons of Slacker Radio and Pandora

What We Like about Pandora

  • Ability to get introduced to new music.
  • Sleeper Time – Set a timer for how long you would like to listen from 15, 30, or 60 minutes. This is great for listening before going to bed.
  • Alarm Clock – Set an alarm time, and you can wake up to your favorite artist station instead of a pesky rooster or alarm tone.

What We Don’t Like about Pandora

  • The lack of control over music content. You only have the ability to pick the artist station not actually listen to that particular artist music.
  • When you find a song you like you can’t save it to a playlist, replay it, or save it for offline playback like a lot of other streaming music apps.
  • The free version only allows 6 skips per hour.

What We Like about Slacker

  • Beautifully designed user interface, crispy sleek graphics.
  • Ability to save songs to favorite playlist and even save to your device with no internet connection available.
  • Search for songs of an artist by demand.
  • Ability to listen to entire Albums playback songs.
  • Ability to stop, fast forward, rewind, and even repeat songs.

What We Don’t Like about Slacker

  • Free version is plagued by constant on screen Advertisements
  • Can only skip 6 songs per hour on the free version
  • Doesn’t have the option to set a timer to allow the app to turn off by itself


When comparing Pandora vs Slacker Radio, we would like to recommend Pandora for listening to music. The Pandora music streaming service is the best at predicting which songs the user would enjoy hearing. But Slacker Radio is also a good streaming music service which offers and array of interesting and useful features. You can see their pros and cons and choose the one you like.

Source: AndroidGuys