Recommend the Best 5 MP3 Players to Music Lovers

With the invention of MP3 players, the experience of enjoying and sharing music have changed in a drastic way. The MP3 player are portable and can be carried anywhere to listen to music. There are some good MP3 players that are available in the market and you can choose a suitable one from them.

1. Apple iPod Touch (2012) – from $199
This device came into market in 2012 and is one of the awesome and best player. This MP3 device is almost like iPhone but excluding calling features. This device comes in 32 and 64 GB memory which is sufficient to store a large amount of your favorite songs. This can also take pictures and videos so that they can be viewed afterwards. It is one of the most versatile MP3 player.

iPod Touch

2. Sony Walkman NWZ-A17 – $298
Sleek and stylish, the Sony Walkman NWZ-A17 player supports high-res audio playback, and can last up to a whopping 50 hours on a single charge. The MP3 player’s specs include a 2.25-inch color display, FM radio, 64GB of built-in memory, a microSD card slot, and an intuitive user interface. The player does not come with headphones in its retail package.

Sony Walkman NWZ A17

3. Pono Music PonoPlayer – from $329
The PonoPlayer began its life journey as a vision of the legendary musician Neil Young, which resulted in a successful KickStarter crowdfunding campaign. Designed with high-res audio playback in mind, the player supports popular lossless file formats, and delivers exceptional audio quality to go with its pleasantly quirky design. If you are looking to start a high-res audio collection, the manufacturer also has a cool online store for content.

Pono Music PonoPlayer

4. Astell&Kern AK Jr – $387
The AK Jr can be considered affordable for an Astell&Kern product. (Some of the Korean manufacturer’s other items can cost $2,500 and beyond.) A decidedly audiophile offering, the AK Jr features a Wolfson WM8740 x1 DAC, a10-band equalizer, and beautiful brushed aluminum body. Other hardware specs of the device include 3.1-inch touchscreen, 64GB of built-in memory, a memory card slot, and Bluetooth connectivity. The player does not come with headphones, so prepare to invest in a quality pair in case you don’t own one yet.

Astell&Kern AK Jr

5. Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 – $1,198
The range-topping Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 runs Android, so you can install apps and play games on it too. Another ultra premium offering with high-res audio playback support, the NW-ZX2 has a cool metal body, intuitive controls, amazing sound quality, and stellar battery life. The player’s retail package includes a leather case, but no headphones.

Sony Walkman NW-ZX2

Now you can take them as a reference if you need to buy a MP3 player. Sometimes, you will find some favorite songs are not able to play on your MP3 player due to the incompatible format.  You can use Stream Audio Recorder to convert various audio formats to MP3 for enjoying on your MP3 Player.  If you have other favorite MP3 Player that we have not added, you can mention it in comments to help us. Really appreciate for your help.

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