Everything You Need to Know About Renting Movies on iTunes

How to Rent a Movie from iTunes?

There are two main ways to rent a movie from iTunes. If you use your iOS device or Apple TV, you have to watch the movie on that device. However, you can Airplay a rented movie from your device to your Apple TV. But if you want to be able to move a rented movie from one device to another, you have to download it to your computer. However, the process is basically the same whether you’re in iTunes on your device or on your computer. Here’s how to rent a movie from iTunes.

Open the iTunes Store and navigate to Movies. Find the movie you want to watch and select it. If you can rent it, there will be two options. The first option will show the price and then Buy, the second will show the price to Rent. Tap Rent and enter your iTunes Store password. If it’s your first time renting a movie, you’ll be prompted to accept the Terms & Conditions.

Once the movie has downloaded, it’s available in the Videos app on your iOS device under Rentals. If it’s on the computer, you’ll see a tab for Rented Movies you can click on.

*If renting on your computer, make sure you have iTunes 10 or later.

Rent Movies on iTunes

5 Things You Should Know About Renting Movies on iTunes

  1. Rented movies are only available on a single device. Keep in mind, if you rent it on your computer you can sync it to either your iPhone or iPad, but then it will disappear from your computer. If you know you want to watch the movie on your iPad or Apple TV, renting it directly from the device you want to watch the movie on is the easiest way to proceed.
  2. Rented movies stay on your device for 30 days if they remain unplayed. However, once you begin to watch a film you have 24 hrs. (in the US) and 48 hrs. (elsewhere) to watch the movie before it disappears. If you don’t start watching a movie within 30 days, you must rent it again.

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  1. To watch your movie when you’re offline, like on an airline flight where Wi-Fi is not available:
  • Download the entire movie before you go offline.
  • Press play to start watching. The 24-hour timer starts even if you’re offline.
  1. Movies with subtitles have a note about subtitles in their title or plot summary. Movies with closed captioning have the closed captioning logo on the movie page.
  2. iTunes Rentals can only play on Apple devices. You can rent movies from iTunes and watch them with your Mac or Windows computer, iPhone, iPad, video-enabled iPod, or on your TV using your Apple TV.

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