A Tutorial on Ripping CD with iTunes

You may buy most of your music online these days, but many of us still have a big collection of CDs collecting dust in the cabinet. Do you need to copy your favorite music from a CD to your portable device so you can listen to it on the go? Here’s how to rip those CDs to your computer using iTunes.

Usual Option:How to Rip Music CD with iTunes

Step 1.Download and install iTunes, then launch it.
Step 2. Insert the music CD into the CD/DVD drive.
Step 3. iTunes should list the contents of the CD. Check the music tracks you would like to rip. Uncheck the ones you don’t.
Step 4. Select the “Import CD” button.
Step 5. For “Import Using” select “MP3 Encoder“. Change the “Setting” to the desired quality.
Step 6. Select “OK” and iTunes will start ripping the music from the disc to the PC.
Rip CD with iTunes

Professional Option: Streaming Audio Recorder

If you are looking for a much advanced CD ripper, then Streaming Audio Recorder is for you. This is a nice audio tool which allows you to rip audio tracks from CD or burn audio tracks to CD with easy steps. As a powerful software, it has the ability to record streaming audio from different music sites, rip audio from online videos, edit audio with the built-in audio editor, automatically fix or correct ID3 tags for your recordings, etc. You can also take a try to rip CD via Stream Audio Recorder.

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