How to Save 30% On Music Streaming From Apple, Amazon

I just renewed my Apple Music subscription for $7 a month. To get that price, I had to search high and low across the internet for some secret codes, type in some magic incantations, use … No, not really. To get that price, I had to buy a $100 iTunes gift card for 15% off and then add it to my account.

There’s a good chance you can do the same thing right now. Even if you can’t, so long as you’re willing to prepay for a year of Apple Music, which recently reached 20 million paying customers, you can get the monthly cost down to $8.25 from the standard $9.99. It’s all really easy, but I’ll walk you through everything just in case.

Free lunch

In September, Apple began offering special discounted memberships to its music streaming service. Via a $99 prepaid card sold on eBay and at Apple retail stores, you could take 17.5% off your monthly bill for Apple Music. The gift cards are now also available at Apple’s online store, though apparently they weren’t initially. Apple calls this 12 months for the price of 10, which is close enough to precise to get the point across. (The company also sells a card for a 3-month membership that isn’t discounted at all.)

If you’re like me, you probably didn’t even know this deal existed. Or perhaps you did but hadn’t gotten around to taking advantage. But lest you think Apple was trying to hide something from you, i.e. they were making the discount available but not promoting it, here is where the story gets a bit more interesting.

Music Streaming Services
One of my favorite things about the holiday shopping season is keeping an eye out for deals and during the Black Friday blitz I saw one I can never refuse: iTunes cards at a 15% discount. Why do I like this deal so much? You can scan the codes into your account in about 3 seconds (it’s really amazingly easy) and then you can rent movies, pay for extra iCloud storage, and buy apps at 15% off for as long as that credit lasts.

In the low-interest-rate environment of the recent era, a guaranteed 15% return on my money is super satisfying. And spending $100 with Apple might not be something I like doing, but it’s something I’m absolutely certain to end up doing.

Anyway, when I take this discounted $100 iTunes Gift Card and scan it with my iPhone look what pops up on my screen:

Expand Membership
No one would say Apple’s trying to hide anything there, right? Either way, they get the money. It’s going to sit in my account waiting for my next purchase or be used to extend that Apple Music subscription. For what it’s worth, I added two of those $100 gift cards and the offer popped up twice. (I only took advantage once.)

Source: Forbes

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