Taylor Swift: The Story with Apple Music

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift? Or do you like listen to her music? On Apple Music stream service, you can find a lot of her good songs like Blank Space, Shake It Off, Bad Blood, etc. But do you know there are some story among Taylor Swift and Apple Music? Have your heard about her open letter about Apple Music. A few days before Apple Music launched at the end of June, Swift posted an open letter criticizing Apple for not paying royalties to music rights holders during the free three-month trial. So are you curious about why she had finally agreed to put her album on Apple Music? Keep reading!

Within a matter of hours, Apple announced that it will pay labels during the free trial period, calling an audible that it explicitly tied to Swift’s written appeal. “When I woke up this morning and saw what Taylor had written, it really solidified that we needed a change,” Apple senior vice president of internet services and software Eddy Cue told Billboard. “And so that’s why we decide we will now pay artists during the trial period.” Therefore, Swift posted to Twitter: “After the events of this week, I’ve decided to put 1989 on Apple Music…and happily so.” Now you can find many of her songs on Apple Music and listen to it. And for your convenience, we have listed all her albums on Apple Music for your choice.

Taylor Swift Albums on Apple Musicc

1. 1989


1. 1989

Release date: Oct. 27, 2014

Songs:Blank Space, Out of the Woods, Shake it off, etc.






2. Red

Release date: Oct. 22, 2012

Songs: Red, I knew you are trouble, 22, etc.






Speak Now

3. Speak Now

Release date: Oct. 25, 2010

Songs: Sparks Fly, I Want You Back, Back to December, etc.






4. Fearless

Release date: Nov. 11, 2008

Songs: You Belong With ME, Breath, Love Story, etc.





Taylor Swift

5. Taylor Swift

Release date: Oct. 24, 2006

Songs: Our Song, A Perfectly Good Heart, Stay Beautiful, etc.





Live From SoHo

6. Live From SoHo

Release date: Feb. 3, 2009

Songs: If I Never See Your Face Again, Nothing Lasts Forever, etc.





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