Thanksgiving Music: Playlists for Every Type of Turkey Day


Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Isn’t it delightful? What’s better than enjoying the holiday with our loved ones – family members and friends. To celebrate the days and create some wonderful memory, why not make our Thanksgiving even better with some fantastic, family-friendly music playlists?

Here a list of some songs that could live up the atmosphere on Thanksgiving. Some about being thankful, some about family, some about food. They are just right for the holiday. You can check these songs on iTunes music or Spotify where you can preview the songs and/or buy and download the MP3s.


The Thanksgiving Song

– Adam Sandler

It is one of the best known and flat out most iconic Thanksgiving songs. Surprisingly, this song comes from Adam Sandler who is a comedian instead of a musician.

As what Adam sings in the songs: “Turkey lurkey doo and Turkey lurkey dap I eat that turkey Then I take a nap”, Thanksgiving is full of fun and peace.


Thanksgiving Theme

– Vince Guaraldi Trio

This lesser known song from A Charlie Brown Christmas is another delightful accompaniment to your Thanksgiving festivities.


Home Sweet Home

-Motley Crue

Thanksgiving is all about staying with your family. This song is dedicated to those who may have relocated to other states and brave long road trips or airports to head back “home” to spend Thanksgiving with family.


Comin’ Home Baby

-Mel Torme

The first non-contemporary song on our “Songs for Thanksgiving” playlist was released in 1962 and similarly to Motley Crue’s song, encapsulates that feeling of rushing home to be with loved ones.


Stuffy Turkey

– Thelonius Monk

Cooking a classic turkey dinner calls for listening to some classic music. These fun, vintage playlists will attract everyone to the kitchen. This all instrumental track is a great song to play quietly in the background as your carve your…stuffy turkeys.


Mashed Potato Time

-Dee Dee Sharp

Turkey, stuffing and…mashed potatoes! Enough said. Can’t wait!


Eat It

-Weird Al Yankovic

What do we do during Thanksgiving? Eat a lot of food! After I struggle through my second serving of food and peer painfully at scrumptious desserts, I’ll take a page out of Weird Al’s book and say to myself, “Don’t you tell me you’re full, just eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it.” No Thanksgiving playlist could be complete without this most iconic food songs.


I Will Wait

– Mumford and Sons

For those who are surrounded by the amazing smells of pies, turkey, stuffing and other treats as they’re being prepared all day, Mumford’s “I Will Wait” is a perfect mantra to repeat. “I will wait…and not eat all the pumpkin pie before my guests come over.


I’ve Got Plenty to be Thankful for

-Bing Crosby

Do you feel grateful for life? Bing says he doesn’t have the biggest yard or the fanciest things but he still has plenty to be thankful for. In the hustle and bustle of our lives we sometimes lose sight of how much we do have. It’s always good to take a step back and acknowledge that we have a lot to be thankful for.


Thank You

-Jay Z

Is there any pop songs about being “Thankful”? Mr. Carter eloquently says, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, you’re far too kind” on this aptly titled song. Thanks for the reminder Jay, I’ll be sure to rap this at the dinner table when I ask someone to pass the salt.


Thank You


This songs might not be expressing a delightful atmosphere. However, you will feel grateful for life while you are listening to it. While most remember parts of this song from the sample Eminem pulled from it for “Stan” in 2000, this beautiful song is a great track to throw on towards the latter part of your night.


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