The 25 Worst Movies of 2016, What Critics Says

The Golden Globe was just few days ago. We love good movies and applause for them. However, as Hollywood is in the midst of another award season — when studios and publicists are hard at work touting the best movies of the year — deep in the bowels of the review aggregator Metacritic, you can find something different: the movies with the dishonor of getting the worst reviews of the year.

From blockbuster duds like “Independence Day: Resurgence” and “Warcraft” to indie misses like “Man Down” and “The Sea of Trees,” plus the epically bad A-list romantic comedy “Mother’s Day,” there are some movies this year that the critics really, really didn’t like.

Here are the 25 worst-reviewed movies of 2016, as rated by critics’ scores on Metacritic:


  1. “Alice Through the Looking Glass”

There is not a single effect in the movie that stirs the mind, a single composition that stirs the eye, a single line worth remembering.  –

Alice Through The Looking Glass


  1. “Ice Age: Collision Course”

The ‘Ice Age’ series has jumped the sloth: ‘Collision Course’ feels like it was scripted on the back of a beer mat and animated by the folks behind those straight-to-DVD Barbie movies. It’s hard to shake the suspicion that the producers looked at the dwindling quality and soaring box office of the first four films and concluded that, actually, they didn’t need to put much effort at all.  – Time Out London

Ice Age Collision Course


  1. “Zoolander 2”

The first film scored a few palpable hits, but the new one barely makes the effort.” – The New Yorker



  1. “The 5th Wave”

A typical example of the kind of dopey junk that passes for literature among today’s unsophisticated teens, who know everything about J. K. Rowling and nothing at all about Jane Austen. – The New York Observer

The 5th Wave


  1. “The Divergent Series: Allegiant”

“But above all of the tiresome, poorly constructed mythology, nonexistent stakes, and presentation of subtext as text, Allegiant’s greatest sin is its total contempt for its viewers.” – The Film Stage

21 The Divergent Series Allegiant


  1. “Independence Day: Resurgence”

As crass as the original film was, the idea that repelling an alien attack might have united humanity together is appealing. Yet this film’s platitudes of togetherness are dry and jagged. – The Playlist

Independence Day Resurgence


  1. “Ride Along 2”

“Ride Along 2” starts to look like nothing more than a blatant cash grab during the January dead zone. “The plot is paint by numbers, which puts pressure on the comedy to deliver. But it doesn’t. – The Washington Post

Ride Along


  1. “Warcraft”

“This is truly a depressing experience. It’s rare to feel such pity for a major studio movie, but watching ‘Warcraft’ bend over backwards to set up a sequel is like watching a desperate paramedic apply CPR to someone who’s clearly been dead for hours. He’s gone. He’s gone. Let it go.” – Indiewire



  1. “Get a Job”

Brutally cynical, largely unfunny film fueled by muddled social commentary.” – The Film Stage

Get a job


  1. “Boo! A Madea Halloween”

“Madea remains a distinctive, weirdly compelling character. Maybe someday Perry will make a good comedy for her.” – The A.V. Club

Boo A Madea Halloween


  1. “Fifty Shades of Black”

“Fifty Shades of Black” has the audacity to think it has earned the right to mock the slightly-less-dreadful “Fifty Shades of Grey” phenomenon. – The Wrap

Fifty Shades of Black


  1. “London Has Fallen”

“The action never stops once the first car bomb is triggered, but the second half of ‘London Has Fallen’ takes place mostly in the dark, where nobody can see the budget.” – The Village Voice

London Has Fallen


  1. “When the Bough Breaks”

“There’s not an ounce of suspense in any of this, because you’ve seen it all before.” – The New York Times

When The Bough Breaks


  1. “Nina”

“A new low for the musical biopic genre.” – The Wrap


  1. “The Choice”

“Most of these films say, in cinematic terms, nothing so complicated as ‘roses are red.’ This one just points to a garden and shrugs.” – Slant Magazine

The Choice\


  1. “Man Down”

“Man Down” is a bad film, but it’s made even worse by the taste it will leave in your mouth regarding its silly handling of a very serious issue. –

Man Down


  1. “Gods of Egypt”

“Gods of Egypt” induces a weird stupor, a feeling akin to just coming out from anesthesia. “Gods of Egypt” is an epic — an epic disaster. – San Francisco Chronicle

Gods of Egypt


  1. “The Sea of Trees”

“Not even Matthew McConaughey can sustain the mushy, amateurish story, which digs itself a deeper hole as it moves along.” – Indiewire

The Sea of Trees


  1. “Yoga Hosers”

“Even fans who’ve stuck with Smith for two decades may draw the line at this outing.” – The Hollywood Reporter

Yoga Hosers


  1. “Search Party”

“This spectacularly dumb and unfunny film will likely bore even the staunchest fans of the ‘Hangover’ movies.” – The Los Angeles Times

Search Party


  1. “Max Steel”

A half-baked, time-wasting curtain-raiser for a superhero franchise that is never, ever going to happen. – Variety

Max Steel


  1. “Norm of the North”

“With plot elements cobbled together from recent animated hits, the blandly executed pic might as well be titled ‘Happy Minions of Madagascar’s Ice Age.” – Variety

Norm of The North


  1. “Dirty Grandpa”

If I’d had access to the script for “Dirty Grandpa” before filming commenced, I seriously would have considered a crowd-sourcing effort to raise whatever funds necessary to pay Robert De Niro to NOT do this movie. – Chicago Sun-Times

Dirty Grandpa


  1. “Mother’s Day”

“Mother’s Day” is the cinematic equivalent of spilling boiling hot coffee on your mother when you bring her burnt toast for breakfast in bed.” – Indiewire

Mothers Day


  1. “Nine Lives”

“At 87 torturous, laugh-free minutes, the film could change the most avid cat fancier into a kitty hater.” – Rolling Stone

Nine Lives


Source: Business Insider