Top 5 Apple Music Editors for Professionals and Beginners

Let that be about creating a ringtone out of your favorite Apple Music song or creating a fusion of songs for the dance in the college; an effective audio editing software is necessary. In this post, we will have a list of 5 best Apple Music editing software. Each tool is suitable for unique purposes and you can’t just choose one and go. So, we have tried to point out main features of each audio editor, letting you get the tool that suits the particular use of yours.

Tips: As we all know that Apple Music songs are DRM protected so you are not allowed to play them on non-Apple devices nor edit the tracks with audio editor. If you do want to edit the Apple Music tracks for some reason, then you’d better use Apple Music Converter to remove the DRM protection and convert the M4P files to plain MP3 format. After that, you can edit the DRM-free Apple Music tracks in the way you like.
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1. WavePad Audio Editor

This Apple music editing software is free to download for the Apple users. It is a full featured editor that can deal with both audio and video files. With the application, you will be able to edit all kinds of audio files, record music, and voices. You will be able to edit and recreate almost all types of music files. This application features tool like cut, copy, and paste. You can also add different types of effects to the audio files like amplify, echo, and cancelling noise altogether. With the help of this application you can work on multiple files. Some of the features of this application are voice activated recording and auto trim. With this application, the recording of the application still runs when the screen is turned off. You will be able to download this application from the Apple Store.

WavePad Audio Editor

2. Audacity

Free and open source, Audacity makes audio editing simple and easy. It’s no DAW, but if you’re a DJ looking to polish a set before sharing it with the web, or if you just want to remove the noise from your music collection or normalize the volume, Audacity is a simple tool to master and gets the job done quickly. It supports a number of different file types, including mp3, OGG, WAV, AIFF, and more, and can even record live audio for editing and export later. Plus, Audacity’s flexible features make it perfect for home projects like basement mixes and digitizing old cassettes or vinyl.


3. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud and you can rely upon the tool when you need professional-level editing tool for your musical projects. Adobe Audition offers superb capabilities such as multi-track editing as well as the non-destructive editing/mixing environment for you to work. The latest version of Adobe Audition, being a part of Creative Cloud, is available as a 64-bit application, which offers advanced performance in supported systems. The tool comes with a UI that is similar to that of other Adobe products and you can get started with it, easier than you’d really think. Yet another feature of Adobe Audition is that you can have expert tutorials that you can depend upon at the official site of Adobe Audition.

Adobe Audition

4. PreSonus Studio One

A truly professional audio editor, PreSonus Studio One deserves a place in the list, at least for the set of professional-level features one can have from the tool. PreSonus Studio One is commonly used for several kinds of purposes such as recording and mastering. The Interface may seem tough for a beginner, but when you have got the taste of digital audio production, you will find it damn productive, we bet. Despite this, it offers drag-and-drop and other features for management of media and effects, which is a big deal, indeed. It is to be noted that PreSonus Studio has three different versions and that availability of features varies according to the version you choose. If you want 64-bit performance, for instance, you have to choose PreSonus Studio One Professional version. In short, it is a good-to-go professional solution for musicians.

PreSonus Studio One


Linux MultiMedia Studio, now known as LMMS, is a free audio editor software, which can be a superb-enough alternative for FL Studio, but completely free to use! LMMS offers a huge number of impressive features as a whole, including the FX Mixer, Automation Editor, and support for MIDI Keyboard, some in-built audio effects and instruments and compatibility with some popular standards in Digital Music Production and editing. The UI of LMMS is truly professional one and the availability of plug-ins can take the productivity to a new extent too. So, when you are not ready to pay, LMMS is a solution you can depend upon for easier editing and mixing of music. Of course, there are a few perks of being an Open Source project, such as wide range of support. Also, to be noted, LMMS is made by a set of musicians.


Have you used any of these Apple Music  Editors? We are eager to hear from you.

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