How to Transfer Music to Kindle Fire

The Kindle eBook provides a convenient mechanism to access books in digital format. The device also includes sound for audiobooks and for its text-to-speech utility. The “Experimental” section on the Kindle contains limited bonus options, such as playing music in the background. When the device is connected to the computer, the computer recognizes the Kindle as an external drive. That enables files to be transferred between the device and computer, enabling users to quickly manage libraries and collections. Similarly, music can be downloaded directly to the Kindle by copying the MP3 file from the computer to the Kindle Music folder.

Kindle Fire Music

Step 1

Connect the Kindle to the computer using the USB cable.

Step 2

Select “My Computer” from the Windows Start menu to view the computer and network drives. Mac users can see that the Kindle registers as an external drive in the Finder window or desktop.

Step 3

Double-click the drive for the Kindle to open a directory.

Step 4

Double-click the “Music” folder in the Kindle directory to open a separate window.

Step 5

Select the desired MP3 music file and drag it to the Kindle Music folder to create a copy.

Step 6

Safely eject the Kindle from the computer using the “Eject” function located under “File” in the top menu bar on the desktop. Disconnect the Kindle from the USB cable.

Step 7

Play songs on the Kindle device by selecting the option “Play MP3” on the “Experimental” page.

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