How to View Offline Apple Music on iOS, Android, PC and Mac

Apple Music

Apple Music is a streaming service that offers to make almost the entire iTunes catalog available to you almost all the time. Whether you’re not going to be connected to the internet, worried about cellular data usage, or you just want to see what music you have stored locally on your iPhone, Android, PC or Mac, here’s a quick and easy way to view those tracks.

How to View Songs You’ve Saved Locally to iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch the Music app from your Home screen.
  2. Tap on the My Music tab.
  3. Select the view type dropdown (by default, it reads “Albums”) from the middle of the screen.
  4. Switch Show Music Available Offline to on at the bottom of the pop-up.

View Offline Apple Music

To reverse this, tap the drop-down again and turn the Show Music Available Offline switch off.

If you’ve downloaded entire albums or playlists, you’ll also be able to tell if they’re locally stored even without enabling the “Show Music Available Offline” switch: Just view the album or playlist; if it’s been saved offline, you’ll see a tiny grey iPhone icon in the upper right corner.

How to View Downloaded Apple Music on Android

  1. Open Apple Music, go to My Music.
  2. In My Music, tap Artists, Albums, or Songs, then turn on Only Downloaded Music.

How to View Downloaded Apple Music on PC or Mac

On your Mac or PC: In iTunes, click Library. Then, from the menu bar at the top of your computer screen or the top of the iTunes window, choose View > Only Downloaded Music. Choose View > All Music to see all of your music.

View Offline Apple Music

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