WWDC 2017: All of Today’s Biggest Reveals and Latest News

Apple’s biggest software event of the year, WWDC 2017, has given us a bounty of major announcements. From the long awaited iOS 11 reveal to more details of how Siri will integrate into smart home speakers, the new MacBook Pros (2017), and even an updated iPad Pro, here’s all of the latest news and what’s new.

WWDC 2017: Latest News and Updates

WWDC 2017

This wasn’t the WWDC 2017 many of us were expecting. Far from it.
Here’s a quick rundown of the biggest announcements – and there were a fair few.

Probably the biggest reveal – from our perspective – saw Apple unveil a new 5K iMac Pro for 2017.
It’ll come packing up to 18-cores and 16GB of vRAM – it’s a product we’ve been hoping to see for a while now, and it’s more than woken us up from our standardly jaded WWDC stupor. In fact, we now know that the entire iMac lineup will be upgraded to Kaby Lake – many of which will be getting Apple’s Fusion Drive by default.The MacBook Pro line, too – and this might come as less of a surprise – will get boosted Kaby Lake internals.


All in all, there will be seven Apple Mac devices upgraded – and they’ll start shipping right away.

There was also light of day for the oft-rumoured ‘Siri speaker‘ – though it ended up being called the slightly awkard HomePod, which sounds like something Arthur C Clarke would have imagined had he lost the plot. Nevermind. At least there’s an updated AirPlay 2 protocol, which should see Apple’s proprietary multi-room tech play nicer with all your existing expensive audio gear. Seemingly unloved tvOS got some TLC, too, and we now know that Amazon Prime Video will be landing on the Apple TV!

And that’s not all. The latest version of Apple’s wearable software, watchOS 4, will be launching later this year – in the mysterious “fall’, as Apple likes to phrase it. Could that mean the next Apple Watch hardware will also arrive later in the year alongside the iPhone 8? We wouldn’t care to doubt it.

Apple Watch

But what about software, you hark? Well, Apple has revealed that the latest version of its desktop OS – last seen in 2016 as macOS Sierra – will be reborn as…macOS High Sierra? Cue plentiful japes about Apple’s home state of California, and the kind of glorious micro-society that would deem soft drug use socially acceptable. macOS High Sierra is about more than just the good ol’ puff, puff, give, though – it might finally see Apple’s Safari web browser become a real Chrome rival.

macOS Sierra

Why? Well, according to Apple, the update will make Safari the world’s fastest web browser when running in the new OS. We’ll have to test this claim for ourselves, but it certainly sounds exciting. An even more tantalising announcement, though, was the news that HTC Vive VR gaming will now be supported by macOS. The macOS High Sierra beta will available immediately, with a public beta set to launch “later this month”.


There’s a whole lot more, too. So next, see the changes from Apple.

Source: trustedreviews